How Does Sonos Work?

It’s a tale as old as time- you want to listen to your favorite podcast on the only speaker in the house, but your daughter wants to listen to whatever her favorite band is this week, while your son wants to connect it to the TV so he can play video games with the sound as loud as possible. Neither of you want to put headphones in your ears because it’s just not the same as listening with a speaker, but it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of other options. Here’s what you should do: get Sonos.

Sonos is a speaker system that you can control over WiFi using either Amazon Alexa or the Sonos App. Whichever mode of control you choose to use isn’t restricted to just one speaker, but can also be used for any other speaker in the house, no matter where in the house you are. For example, if you are using the Sonos App on your phone to control the speaker in your room, you can also use your phone to control another speaker in a different room. This is convenient as it allows everyone in the house to happily listen to whatever they want while still utilizing the amazing sound quality that Sonos offers. This means you can have all the speakers in the house play your favorite podcast or only one speaker play the podcast, or even have each speaker play something different for each room.

Sonos offers a variety of products, from speakers to home theatres that amplify the sound on your TV to components meant to enhance the sound of already owned gadgets, such as stereos or vinyl, so you have the freedom to choose which speakers will work best for your household. This way you can customize your own home speaker system. This means you can have a speaker in as many rooms around the house as you want, placed in a way that would give your household the best possible listening experience. And, because Sonos is controlled via WiFi, not Bluetooth, more than one speaker can be controlled simultaneously from the same source, whereas with Bluetooth products, there is only one source for every one speaker. This also means that if you get a phone call while listening from a speaker, it won’t interrupt whatever it is that you’re listening to, nor will your phone call be broadcast from the speakers. Basically, you maintain your privacy without the annoyance of an interruption of your favorite song. Don’t worry if you don’t already own Alexa, by the way. While you can connect Alexa to every Sonos product, the Amazon voice control device already comes installed within all Sonos One products.

Now that you have Sonos and have already built a home speaker system that is the envy of all of your friends, you will never have to worry about sharing a speaker with other members of the house or compromise a quality listening experience. Because with Sonos, everyone will win.