Press Releases: Give Me the Full Course, Not Just the Entrée

As everyone knows—or at least suspects—press releases are sometimes a bit hyped up. They often contain exaggerations, buzzwords and jargon. Of course, that statement itself is an overstatement, but this is the perception of many journalists and a lot of the general public. What is often missing is an objective presentation of the facts of the story. Everybody in public relations needs to always remember that press releases are basically news stories. And when I approach a news story, I’m always on the lookout for the facts. Part of the fact finding is credibility of the sources.


One Thing Franchisors Can Do Today To Get The Word Out

Today’s franchisors are always on the hunt for ways to stand out…to get attention.

That’s because it’s a noisy, noisy world. It’s tough to compete with 3,000 other franchisors who are also trying to get the word out about their awesome franchise opportunities.