What Your Press Release Looks Like in a Journalist’s Inbox

I attend a lot of different industry events throughout the year. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, Cannabis Cup, Consumer Electronics Show, PAX Prime, Electric Daisy Carnival, InfoComm, and CTIA Super Mobility Week are just a few of the annual events I work as a media analyst.


Is It Time For International PR?

You’re well-versed in what press releases can do for your brand. The benefits are without question. From amplifying your brand’s voice to ranking higher in search engines, press releases are one of the most essential public relations tools you can use.


How to Manage an Outside PR Firm

If you’re a small business, you may turn to the expertise of a PR agency or other PR pro to help you manage major press initiatives. But putting your company’s image in the hands of strangers can be daunting. Thankfully, there are many professionals who know what they’re doing. But to give yourself some added confidence and to reduce the learning curve, let’s take a look at some best practices on how to manage an outside PR firm.

3 Ways To Syncing Your Marketing with PR

“What is marketing?” It’s a simple question but I have received many different answers. But I still like my definition best: The communication of an idea(s) in order to get a desired response from a specific audience. While the medium or channel changes, ultimately, marketers are communicators for a specific goal. Since public relations is also communication, the two go hand-in-hand. Or should. But even small businesses silo their PR from their marketing. If this is you, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to deliver a clear and consistent message about the value your company provides and why it’s different.