4 Steps to Targeting Trade Publications

Public relations for small business can be a tough business. Everyone wants to get their stories into the hands of journalists. But many small businesses find trade publications more effective since these are the sources of information for their buyers. So let’s look at the four steps to targeting trade publications


Top 10 Public Relations Podcasts

Have you heard? Podcasts are catching fire and making a comeback in a big way. These days, with better access to the Internet and audio, more mobile users are listening to podcasts while driving, walking the dog, or running at the gym. If you haven’t jumped on board the listening trend, you’re missing ou


How to Use Your Employees to Get More Publicity

You promote your sales, expansions and events with a press release. What about your employee relations?

Your human resource department is filled with news stories and potential headlines. Here are a few ways you can use your employees to get more publicity for your business.